Funeral services in every country are in great demand. The Russian Federation is no exception in this regard. The activity is controlled by federal legislation in order to actually reduce the number of violations by private and commercial companies. The advantages of cooperation with the municipal service will be further described for review.

Licenses and permits to work with foreign citizens

All funeral services must meet a certain standard. For example, cremation in the Russian Federation is under tight control. Only state funeral companies can provide such a service through municipal crematoriums. The commercial segment does not have access to this line of business.

Working with foreign citizens is no different from serving Russian citizens. Only in this case the company should receive additional documents giving the right to provide some kind of services. If the body is transported first to the morgue, the ritual bureau must agree in advance on the delivery of the body, and document the operations: opening, embalming, dressing.

Service prices

For a while, funeral services in the Russian Federation turned out to be without any external control, which allowed private companies to maximize prices. People spent a lot of money paying for quite standard funeral services, the quality of which raised many questions.

After the development of a federal law, the situation has improved. State and municipal companies began to help more people. posting rates on the official website. Customers can familiarize themselves with them and assess their financial capabilities in advance.

In this case, prices do not have one component. We understand that people have different opportunities: someone can pay for more expensive services, while others look for cheaper prices. Therefore, the price of services is not fixed: citizens can find out the cost on the official website of the company.

Quality of service is a municipal funeral home providing funeral services throughout the Russian Federation. Each customer, turning to us for help, can count on the highest quality service, regardless of their financial capabilities. The principles of the company — reliability, availability, quality, are respected every time. The professionals working in the company help to achieve such a result. Foreign citizens at any time can see for themselves that our funeral home will do an excellent job with resolving any issues related to the funeral.