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Do you need automotive training materials, student manuals or service bulletin with short articles dedicated to medium/heavy duty trucks? There are a lot of useful free books for automotive engineers and instructors, students and engine mechanics who are working on vessels. Find proper edition on and download on your device. Practice and improve your skills to promote or get license.

Study free manuals to prepare for certification test. You will find updated information that reflects the latest ASE tasks and combine a clear writing-style and in-depth coverage. Tests and abundant practice questions deliver a tool that helps students and trucking technicians successfully prepare for medium and heavy duty truck certification exam.

There are also free ebooks thoroughly covering some specific ASE truck test, so you will get skills and knowledge needed to receive certificate. Pay more attention to chapters that dedicated to full coverage of all the ASE tasks related to each test. All questions are made in ASE-style. It means you won’t face a problem with this format while testing. Moreover tasks encourage reader to be completely involved in the process of problem-solving. You will have immediate feedback as soon as all tests are accompanied by answers and analysis.

Do you need to study more about aerodynamics of heavy vehicle? Free e-books will help you to compare fluid dynamics calculation, large-eddy simulation; experimental data obtained from wind tunnel experiments and hybrid turbulence models. You will know more about advanced experimental techniques including three-dimensional practical image of speed measurement and their use in evaluating drag reduction devices.

If you are searching for materials to prepare for red seal mechanic exam then check proper collections dedicated to guides of industrial mechanic, the refrigeration and air conditioning mechanic.


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