To Politicians, figures, patrons, clerics


Rulers open your eyes and you will see into what you had drive the Earth in.  Nearly a half century ago we should have to drive by electro mobiles,   rescue the nature, clear water and air. Your games with viruses and bacteria force millions people to suffer. A policy for the policy. No, the policy as a means of manipulation. All of this is a resalt of your acts. Every day  I see, how perfect this world is and in other way how  those who operates him are imperfect. You arrange wars for the miserable pieces of paper,  the monetary units. You kill millions people. I wish to believe to your good intentions, but according to the results, I don’t trust you.  

The most successful example of  the authority which does not hide the bad intentions against  the people for the sake of money, is our Ukrainian authority. All of them run the business, being at the power, openly kill people, drink alcohol and rob the budget of the country. An average Ukrainian’s salary is one hundred and thirty dollars. We perish, we die, we degrade.  Politicians of our country hiding to much from the outer world. As an example our industry is going to the ruin, even it doesn’t exist practically.

Very many clever and well educated people live in Ukraine, many people know various sciences and are specialists in different fields. There are many highly skilled experts in science, jurisprudence, construction, medicine. We have thousands projects of energy keeping and many others. Our people are quickly trained and are very resourceful in all. We are fully independent from other nations. For a long time we have learned to be independent, and also paying  taxes in time. The state does not help us, only selects money and made us suppresses.
         Ukraine has its strongly pronounced nationality. It located in very convenient place for the  economic development. Despite of  the pressure of our authority upon the people, Ukrainians try to fight for their rights. We have only one unique problem, it is criminals and robbers in the government. I want to call the all world to pay attention to our  country — Ukraine. I am already afraid of nothing, because I wish to see my country happy and prospering.

USA, France, the Great Britain, Germany, Australia, Canada, China, Japan all the countries, all people on the Earth. I address it to all of you. If we undertake nothing our governors will take us to degradation in the society. I suggest to arrive and see everything yourself. Unique flora and fauna, mountains and  seas situated  in our country. There are a lot of places to visit. National traditions and unique cuisine. Our people are generous and hospitable. Welcome to Ukraine. The will of the all citizen  of Ukraine is to change authority. We require the world to help us in the  destruction of present authority. We deserve for the best life. Our experts can be useful in all world also as well as our projects. I am, Igor Ratushnyi the fighter for  the validity in Ukraine. I wish to rescue people, I ask to promote me in it.  I wish  good health and prosperity.

Igor Ratushniy


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